PADI Gestión

Live the difference!

Another way of
buying property is possible

Market leaders in housing cooperatives

We are one of the main companies for cooperative housing projects

Reliable and solvent

We continued to manage projects even when credit for the sector was unavailable.

Our level of solvency has allowed us to obtain optimum financing to ensure project success.

Adding value

We create the best price/quality ratio on the market for our buyers.

Buying at the right price is important - but quality comes first.

ISO 21500 Quality

The first company to obtain ISO 21500 quality certification in property development.

Rigorous quality and control systems to ensure optimum project development.

A great team you can trust

Fully and exclusively committed to the success of the project


Our finances, quality and construction processes are all audited by independent companies.


An expert, multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals to get the best promotion results.


We act as guarantors for cooperatives with financial institutions.


Trained and up-to-date in the latest developments in project management.

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